Never Done is a programme that enables curators and artists to conduct international research visits and residencies.


Organised and produced by curator Adelaide Bannerman in partnership with cultural institutions, the selection of participants is based on research and invitation only, and on some occasions co-selected with partners, enabling curators and artists to visit the UK or another country to conduct research visits and residencies that promote their activity to new contacts, peers, and audiences.



Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński is a Vienna based artist, art-based researcher, filmmaker, and writer. She is interested in speculative stories from the viewpoint of the marginalized and forgotten; in documenting the fragmentary by expanding the possibilities of political imagination. Kazeem-Kamiński is working on the project The Nonhuman. The Alien. The Believer – Unsettling Innocence in the frame of the PhD-in-Practice Program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 

Kazeem-Kamiński is co-editor with Nora Sternfeld and Natalie Bayer of Curating as Anti-Racist Practice, and a participating speaker at Black In/Visibilities Contested:

7th Biennial Afroeuropeans 

Network Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon 3-7 July 2019

Supported by International Curators Forum.


Sonya Dyer

Sonya Dyer is an artist and writer from London, and is a Somerset House Studios Resident. Hailing Frequencies Open her current body of work, intersects Nichelle Nicols’ astronaut recruitment activism, the dubious genesis of ‘HeLa’ cells and the Greek myth of Andromeda – combining social justice with speculation, fantasy with the political.

She runs the …And Beyond Institute for Future Research, a peripatetic think tank creating possible futures.

Recent projects include Another World is Possible, CAMP, Copenhagen (2018), Familiar Strangers The Luminary, St Louis (2018, The Claudia Jones Space Station, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and The NewBridge Project, Newcastle (2017) and Into the Future Primary, Nottingham (2015) and At the Intersections, Nottingham Contemporary (2015).

Dyer will be attending the Black In/Visibilities Contested: Biennial Afroeuropeans 

Network Conference, Lisbon 3-8 July 2019

Supported by International Curators Forum.




Asiya Wadud

Asiya Wadud (US) is the author of Crosslight for Youngbird, published by Nightboat Books in 2018 and day pulls down the sky… a filament in gold leaf written collaboratively with Okwui Okpokwasili (2019, Belladonna/ Danspace). Her collections Syncope (Ugly Duckling Presse) and No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes Through My Body (Nightboat Books) are forthcoming in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Asiya teaches poetry at Saint Ann’s School and leads an English conversation group for new immigrants at the Brooklyn Public Library.

London 26-29 June 2019

Supported by The Finnish Institute, London. 


Satu Herrala

Satu Herrala (FI) works as a choreographer and curator, and since the beginning of 2015, as the artistic director of Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival in Helsinki. She graduated with an MA in choreography from the University of the Arts Helsinki. Her curatorial works include Baltic Circle Festival programs 2015-2019, DO TANK programs, Make Arts Policy event in collaboration with Eva Neklyaeva, Dana Yahalomi and Terike Haapoja, and a series of Sauna Lectures. She is a doctoral student at Aalto University - School of Arts, Design and Architecture, working on a question “What is possible in art, that is not possible otherwise?” and a regular mentor at Iceland Academy of the Arts.

London 26-29 June 2019

Supported by The Finnish Institute, London.


Mariana Suikkanen Gomes

Mariana Suikkanen Gomes (SE) is an artist and performance-maker dedicated to practices and rituals that locate themselves in the intersection between personal encounters, collective activities and performative presentations. Recently she's been exploring the realms of memory, intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability, in a series of works entitled The Tender Protest Series.

Mariana holds a BA (Hons) in Live Arts from Kingston University and an MA from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is involved in various loving collaborations, most intensively as part of the performance collective GLQ/GomesLechQuigley, and runs BAFFLED BUT PERSISTENT, an organisation focused on writing and activism. 

London 5-19 July 2019

Supported by The Finnish Institute, London, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and  [  space  ].



Marianne Niemelä

Marianne Niemelä (FI) is an art historian, curator and activist working along the crossroads of art and politics, with a focus on queer and feminist topics. She is currently co-artistic director with Christopher Wessels and Ali Akbar Mehta of the Museum of Impossible Forms a cultural centre in Helsinki, Finland. The Museum of Impossible Forms consists of a library, archive and event space that collects and produces decolonial, queer and feminist literature. Niemelä has co-produced trans-rebel zine, Up With Trans!

London 1-8 October 2018

Hosted by WOCI Reading Group at Raven Row. Supported by  International Curators Forum (ICF) and The Finnish Institute, London.


Ellen Nyman

Ellen Nyman (SE) is an actor, director and visual artist. Her research and practice bears an interdisciplinary focus on performativity and blackness within performing and visual art. Recent work and collaborations include: Black revolutionaries don’t fall from the moon (2017, Stockholm) a play influenced by the biography of Assata Shakur, and the video works Sicherheit (2017) shown alongside with Danish Election (2004) made with artists Corina Oprea and Saskia Holmkvist and featured at GIBCA Gothenburg Biennial, 2017. Nyman is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts and rehearsing for the upcoming staging of playwright Tracy Letts, Mary Page Marlowe at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Sweden.

London 1-28 July 2019

Supported by The Finnish Institute, London, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and  [  space  ].

London 4-8 October 2018

Supported by International Curators Forum (ICF) and The Finnish Institute, London.


WOCI Reading Group

Women of Colour Index Reading Group (WOCI) was set up in October 2016 by artists, Samia Malik, Michelle Williams Gamaker and Rehana Zaman (UK). WOCI Reading Group aims to improve visibility for women of colour artists whilst using archive material to generate discussion and practice around current social and political concerns. The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss work within the Women of Colour Index (WOCI); a unique collection of slides and papers collated by artist Rita Keegan that charts the emergence of Women of Colour artists during the ‘critical decades’ of the 1980s and 1990s in the UK, using materials in the archive to generate discussion, thought and practice around current social and political concerns.

Full biography at:

Helsinki 15-20 November 2018

Hosted by The Museum of Impossible Forms. Supported by International Curators Forum (ICF) and The Finnish Institute, London.


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